ruben van luijk: l'arbre L'arbre, Nummer Eén (Netherlands), 2016/2017
Agfa Clack + Fujichrome Astia 100F [exp.]/Durst Laborator 1200 + Agfachrome PE CU 312 [exp.] + Agfa Process R [prod. early 80s?]; unframed, ca. 13x18 cm; € 234 175
This print was made with an old sample kit of Agfachrome Process R, probably dating from the early eighties. Like its more famous counterparts Ektaprint and Cibachrome, Agfachrome R is a discontinued dye destruction process that was used to make direct positive prints from positive slides. The exposure time for this image was approximately half an hour; and while the original slide shows rich hues of blue and red in the winter evening sky, in the Agfachrome print, only blacks and greens remain.

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